how is Rwanda a smart nation

How Rwanda Aims to Be a Smart Nation

Regardless of Rwanda’s no access to minerals as a source of income, the country has opted for wide investment in science and information technology to cover up its gap in the trade deficit. While attending the nations address at the 15th annual national dialogue, HE Paul Kagame the president of Rwanda realized the need for creativity and innovativeness as a new strategy to make Rwanda a smart nation for gorilla tours and other wildlife safaris all over the country. Similarly, Rwanda’s education sector has aggressively pursued science and technology (ICT) to match the standards of the neighboring countries in the trade market. It was realized that’s its only through information technology that Rwanda the land of a thousand hills can reach its targeted income status.

In the same dialogue, the president recognized the need to attract innovators and young Rwandan creative investors who will be supported by extensive information science and technology. Conference tourism is one of the key features for Rwanda’s economic growth evidenced by over 169 international conferences that have been hosted since the start of 2017. The promotion of conference tourism is hoped to shoot the growth of the hotel sector in Kigali and other parts of Rwanda providing quality food and accommodation services to travelers coming from parts of the world. Launched in 2016, Kigali convention center (KCC) is the center for meetings, conferences, incentives and events, which bring thousands of travelers to Rwanda. The construction of Kigali convention center and the Radisson Blue costed Rwanda approximately US$300m but its achievements since its opening are worth the cost of its construction.

The made in Rwanda campaigns is yet another device that Rwanda has used to promote its economic growth. The campaigns aim to make all Rwanda people consume home made commodities hence reducing the country’s dependence on exports and the associated expenses. Similarly, Rwanda’s recent banning of imported second hand clothes and other used products was a step a head which indicated that Rwanda is indeed a smart nation. The government of Rwanda is of now supporting Chinese investors in the country in order to produce locally made garments locally. Previously, Rwanda has been importing cotton used in the garment industry from Mwanza Tanzania, which has been expensive. Fortunately, Chinese investors are involved in silk production hence increase revenue for the government. Paul Kagame the president appreciated that Rwanda’s relying on home made products has reduced the country’s trade deficit by 20%.

Additionally, a need for a sophiscated socio-economic framework and physical structure to transform Rwanda into an efficient and advanced business hub. The government, investors and non-government organizations have together invested in infrastructure development such as roads; lodges and hotels to full fill its desire as a smart nation. Similarly, the clean and organizes streets of Kigali indicate that Rwanda is undeniably a smart nation. So far, government has spent roughly $1.5 billion on infrastructure, which include the newly constructed Bugesera international airport situated 35 kilometers from Kigali city.

To ensure progress, the government intends to harness technology to its maximum so as to improve the lives of Rwanda citizens, create more employment opportunities as well as building stronger communities in all parts of Rwanda. Several innovations such as video conferencing for conducting national dialogue have been established in Rwanda to serve well the citizens and international people coming to enjoy Rwanda safaris from different parts of the world. Through these video conferences, many people have participated in events such as umushyikirano, which provide them an opportunity to share their views with other participants.
In the working sector, highly sophiscated structures are required to ensure a reliable workforce. All workers in different kinds of work must be disciplined and have great love for their work hence an assurance for increased productivity and quality work in the right time.

Therefore with improved technology and information science, Rwanda is hoped to develop into the Singapore of East Africa regardless of being a landlocked country.

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