Role of the Rwanda Development Board to Growth of Rwanda Tourism

The Rwanda Development Board (RDB) is a larger government institution which combines a number of government sectors including Rwanda’s wildlife conservation, environment conservation, tourism & information management, investment promotion, information computer technology and human resource capacity.

The major role of the Rwanda Development Board is managing, conserving and improving the integrity of ecosystems so as to active environmental and tourism sustainability in the country. This includes wildlife protected areas – Volcanoes national park, Akagera national park and Nyungwe national park, reserves and sanctuaries lakes, rivers and swamps.
RDB is also in charge of of overseeing protected areas and resources as well as develop Rwanda’s tourism industry benefiting and boosting private companies so as to protect and benefit the people of Rwanda.

The authority is also responsible for marketing the country’s tourism face and has played a major role in promoting the country’s tourism. Today, Rwanda which was hit by a horrific genocide in 1994 has tremendously recovered today featuring as the best gorilla safari destination in Africa rated above Uganda and Congo.

Rwanda Development Board (RDB) is in charge selling permits or conducting transactions on behalf of the government planning for this money so as promote tourism, conservation, community projects, employment, infrastructure management. This is the body that sells all tourism permits to all Rwandan national parks including gorilla permits, chimpanzee permits, golden monkey permits, mount hiking permits, all park entrances.

The RDB employs many local staff into the different national parks as well as promote community conservation projects to help people leaving around national parks. These are communities are densely populated with high poverty levels and with the RDB offering 5% of tourism revenue goes back to the community to aid community projects and today, there has been creation of jobs for the locales, hospitals, schools, water tanks.
Although the highest revenue comes from gorilla safaris in the Volcanoes national park, the revenue collected is shared equally to communities surrounding all the different national parks