Rwanda Visa Information

January 2018 – Rwanda Opens a new Visa Regime

With effect from 1st January 2018, all visitors to Rwanda can obtain visas on arrival with out the formalities of certain countries making prior application. All countries can go to Rwanda and get tourist visa at $30 for 30 days from every entry point into the country according the statement of the new visa regime.pdf.

The Rwanda government aims to open doors to rwanda and increase the number of visitors traveling into the country. Increased arrivals is a direct boost to Rwanda’s tourism and growth of foreign exchange.

Also to note that nationals of Hong Kong will be paying visa fees on arrival in Rwanda, just like they installed back visa payment on arrival for Rwandans in Hong Kong in April 2016
For foreign Rwanda residents enter Rwanda using their national resident IDs, whereas foreign Rwanda residents will use their passports on entry in Rwanda

On reciprocal basis, according the directorate general of Immigration and Emigration, Rwanda will offer a 90 day free visa to nationals of the following countries: East African countries, DR Congo, Senegal, Benin, Haiti, Central African Republic, Indonesia, Chad, Ghana, Seychelles, Mauritius, Philippines, Guinea and Sao Tome and Principe and Singapore.

Rwandan nationals with diplomatic and service passport holders do not require visa when traveling to Djibouti, Gabon, Ethiopia, Guinea, India, Morocco, Israel and Turkey according to the government’s new visa waiver agreements and as well nationals of the above countries will not need visas to travel to Rwanda.

The new visa development aim to boost international relationships, increase opportunities of trade, investment and opportunities and foster development

Other Helpful Rwanda Travel Information

In case you plan on hiring a vehicle while in the country, do organize an international driving license (via one of the main motoring associations in a country in which you are licensed to drive), which you may be asked to produce together with your original license.

For Identification and security concern, just in case the worst comes to the worst, its advisable to detail all your identification information, make copies of it and distribute a copy into your luggage, your money-belt and definitely gibe some to close relatives and friends; make sure it includes; traveler’s cheque numbers and refund information, travel insurance policy details and 24-hour emergency contact number, passport number, details of relatives or friends to be contacted in an emergency, bank and credit card details, camera and lens serial numbers.

Importantly, include also email and contact information of your destination, company, organization or friends and family.

Useful Information

Burundi Visas cost US$40 for one month single entry, although check on the security situation very carefully before visiting. Also available on the border.

Democratic Republic of Congo For land crossings to eastern DR Congo eight-day visas are available at Bukavu or Goma for US$100.

Kenya Visas cost US$50 or the equivalent in local currency, require two photographs and are issued the same day if you apply before 11.30am. However, visas are also available on arrival.

Tanzania Visas require two photos and generally take 24 hours to issue. The cost depends on nationality.

Uganda Visas cost US$50, require two photos and are issued in 24 hours. However, it is far easier to get them at the border on arrival.