Guide to Akagera National Park

Travel Guide to Akagera National Park

Akagera national park is one of the top tourism destinations in Rwanda. This savannah park is home to big five game (black rhinos, elephants, lions, buffalos and leopards), a must visit on your Rwanda safari. Akagera national park spreads over a 1,122 square kilometers located in the eastern province of Rwanda. A visit to Akagera park is a complement of gorilla tours in Volcanoes National park, Chimpanzee and canopy walk in Nyungwe forest among others wildlife experiences in this Land of a Thousand Hills. Like any other park, Akagera national park has rules and regulations for safaris there. The rules are put for the good of wild animals and visitors ensuring suitable tourism in Akagera national park. Travelers are reminded to follow all guidelines for a peaceful visit and stay in Akagera national park. Akagera Park is managed by African parks in collaboration with Rwanda Development Board to promote tourism and wildlife conservation. The regularities of Akagera National park include among others:
Keep inside the vehicle
Travelers are advised to keep within their vehicles during game drives in the park. Walking alone in the wilderness expose you to dangerous wild animals, which can be harmful to your life. In other words, travelers are not allowed to walk on foot in the park.

Drive at 40km/hr.
Driving within Akagera national park is strictly 40 kilometers per hour. over speeding is restricted in the park to protect animals from dying of accidents. Also, driving at a low speed is a chance to spot different animals in the park unlike when you are speeding. Any one caught over speeding is arrested and penalized.

Register at the park entrance
Any vehicle entering Akagera national park MUST register at the entrance. Driver guides are also reminded to register the number of clients you have brought to the park for security reasons. All vehicles are expected to spend the exact time in the park as they registered when entering. Any one who spends extended time in the park without notifying the park head will be punished.

Follow the designated tracks
Driver guides are reminded to follow designated tracks during game drives in the park. Driving off track is not allowed in the park for the safety of wild animals, which move freely in the park. Also, you are likely to get lost in the park when you drive off track.

Do not litter in the park
Travelers are reminded not to litter ant rubbish in the park. Look out for dustbins in the park or carry back your trash to the lodge. In other words, travelers are required to ONLY leave footsteps in the park. Littering in the park is restricted and punishable.

• Do not pick/ carry any plant or animal from the park

Never pick any animal, wood, rocks or plants from the national park. At the end of a trip, travelers are only allowed to take photos for memories. Park management emphasizes conservation of all features in the park for future generations.

Drones are not allowed
Travelers are not allowed to use drones for taking photographs or capturing videos in Akagera national park.

Pay park entrance fees on the first day
Endeavor to pay park entrance on the first day and get a receipt to authorize your stay in the park. Remember to keep safe this receipt, which you MUST present when exiting the park.

No bush camping in the park
Travelers to Akagera national park are advised to stay in the lodges and campsites. Bush camps are not allowed in the camp. Bush fires are also not allowed in the park to avoid accidental fires in the park.

What to see and do in Akagera national park
Akagera national park is naturally blessed with numerous tourist attractions to meet, satisfy and exceed your travel expectations. The top things to do in Akagera national park include among others:
1. Game viewing
2. Bird watching
3. Fishing
4. Boat riding

Where to Sleep in Akagera National park
Various lodges, hotels and camps have been established in Akagera national park. These lodges include Ruzizi tented lodge, and Akagera game lodge. The lodges serve clients with first class food and sleeping services at affordable prices.

In general, a Rwanda safari to Akagera national park rewards you with memorable wildlife experiences. Book a Rwanda tour to Akagera national park, enjoy game, boat ride, bird watching and camping with Gorilla Trek Africa.

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