Gorilla families in Volcanoes National Park

Karisimbi Gorilla Family

Inhabited in the slopes of Mount Karismbi., Karisimbi is one of Rwanda’s 10 gorilla families. Karismbi Family was formerly called (SusaB) having been broken from SusaA gorilla group. The gorilla family is named after Mount Karismbi, The highest Volcano in the Virunga Conservation Area in whose slopes, this gorilla family lives. Karisimbi gorilla family s one of the most gorilla groups in Volcanoes National Park. The family was formed in 2009 by Nyagakangaga who split from Susa A to form his independent gorilla Family. Nyagakangaga left Susa A with 13 members including adult females and babies. In 2010, the name Susa B was changed to Karisimbi up to the present. At present, Karisimbi gorilla family is comprised of 11 members including 2 infants, 4 silverbacks and adult females. Constant fights between gorilla families robbed Karisimbi some of its members. The members of Karisimbi gorilla family have risen to over 16 members, which dropped to present 11.

The fact that it’s in the slopes of Mt Karisimbi, Karisimbi gorilla family is one of the hard to trek gorilla families in Volcanoes National Park. In some cases, travelers on a 2 Day Mt Karisimbi hike get a chance to meet Karisimbi gorilla family, which makes the whole experience more fun and enjoyable. Karisimbi gorilla family is usually trekked by the young, energetic and physically fit travelers. Travelers intending to trek Karisimbi gorilla family are advised to do physical exercises to ensure they are physically fit to deal with altitude sickness associated with trekking Karisimbi gorilla family.

Number of people to trek Karisimbi Gorilla Family
Each day, Karisimbi gorilla family is visited by eight people for an hour’s interaction. Travelers enjoy the playful nature of Karisimbi family members where the silverback plays fatherly roles; adult females take care of the babies while juveniles play continuously which keeps the family lively.

Karisimbi Gorilla permits
Yes, there are 8-gorilla permits available each day to trek Karisimbi gorilla family. Each family costs $1500 but the magical feeling of interacting with Karisimbi gorilla family is worth the penny.

How to book Karismbi Gorilla Family

You can book a trek to see Karisimbi gorilla family directly with Rwanda Development Board or through Africa Adventure Safaris, the number one gorilla safari company in Rwanda and Uganda. Booking is advised at least 6 months in advance for timely planning and preparations.

What to carry when trekking Karisimbi Gorilla Family
The things to pack for Karisimbi gorilla trekking include among others:
• Hiking boots/Shoes
• Gardening gloves
• Sunglasses
• Hat
• Rain Jacket
• Sweaters
• Scarf
• Long pants
• Long-sleeved shirts/blouses
• Bottled drinking water
• Insect repellants
• Energy giving snacks to keep you strong

Other gorilla families in Volcanoes National Park
Besides, Karisimbi gorilla group, Volcanoes National Park is home to other 9-gorilla families habituated for trekking every day. Rwanda gorilla groups include:
1. Susa A group
2. Hirwa gorilla group (Currently in Uganda)
3. Agashya gorilla family
4. Kwitonda gorilla group
5. Bwenge gorilla family
6. Amahoro gorilla family
7. Sabyinyo gorilla group
8. Umubano gorilla family
9. Titus gorilla group
Each of the 10 gorilla families in Volcanoes National Park is unique in its own kind in terms of size, location, and the story of formation.

Karisimbi gorilla group is a famous gorilla family in Volcanoes National Park. Contact Africa Adventure Safaris today, the book you’re a Rwanda gorilla safari and enjoy an hour’s interaction with Karisimbi gorilla family.

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