Visiting the Mountain gorilla jungle in the Volcanoes and Bwindi National Parks

According to the most recent census of 2011, about 800 Gorillas still living on earth and half of this number occupies the Bwindi impenetrable forest in the south west of Uganda while the remaining population is living in the Volcanoes national park of Rwanda and the Virunga of DR. Congo. So if you want to meet them, they will not make it easy for you.

If you haven’t yet travelled to Africa to visit the majestic mountain gorillas, you are actually missing out on one of the utmost adventure experiences of your Life. Once you decide to go gorilla trekking in Africa, I would advise you to opt for two gorillas treks since each Family is entirely different and each trek is entirely different.

While planning to travel to Africa on safari, its very important to first inquire about the availability of a gorilla permit for the dates you are planning to see the gorillas. Its very important to first confirm your gorilla permit then work on your flight details. One can get a gorilla permit through contacting local travel tour operators and also contacting the Uganda Wildlife Authorities (UWA) office in Uganda. A gorilla permit for Uganda costs 600 USD per head while in Rwanda a permit goes for 750 USD per person. Once you have settled the gorilla permit, you need to book your lodge also in advance. In Uganda, the sector / section where you be tracking the gorillas should be the same section to book your accommodation for easy access to the areas park head offices.

If you are planning to visit Uganda gorillas in Bwindi, you need to calculate at least 3 days to go there and back at a price range of 1000 to 1600 USD per person depending on the type of accommodation – budget, midrange or luxury. Gorilla tracking is some what an expensive adventure activity but totally worth it once you meet the gorillas. Once you acquire your gorilla permit, ita a guarantee to meet the gorilla family. Sometimes they are very close to where the ranger car drives you in the morning. Sometimes you need to do a trekking of about 3 to 6 hours to find them. But the rangers will find them.

If you have the time, its also nice to add a some activities around the gorilla parks like; track the golden monkeys, which was a different experience altogether, visit the Batwa pygmies, community tour in Rwanda visit twin lakes of Ruhondo and Burera, mountain hikes, visit Dian Fosse’s camp where she is buried.

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