Rwanda unveils Virtual tours to see gorillas in Volcanoes National park

Rwanda Unveils Virtual Tours to See Mountain Gorillas

Escape reality and visit Rwanda mountain gorillas in the cinematic Victual reality film. YES, even when gorilla safaris gorilla safaris to Volcanoes National park are currently on suspension due to Covid19, Travelers have a chance to trekking Rwanda gorilla’s beautiful and curious mountain gorillas online. Rwanda Development Board has unveiled virtual tours to see mountain gorillas in Volcanoes National Park allowing travelers to feel the magical experience of being with gorillas in this lockdown. Unlike the previous treks where visitors hike into the jungle forester to search for gorillas, the virtual reality film gives you chance to trek gorillas while seated in your living room. YES, travelers can now tour and trek Rwanda mountain gorillas online. Rwanda development Board together with Ellen Fund revealed their new method of bringing the experience of gorilla trekking to peoples’ living rooms through Virtual Reality. Travelers can now visit mountain gorillas in Volcanoes National Pearl in a film.

The virtual reality film was launched on 22nd April 2020 when the whole world was celebrating the earth day. Just like other films people watch, the Virtual film allows people to get a virtual tour of the mountain gorillas in the bamboo forests of Volcanoes National Park while seated comfortably in tier living rooms.
Its undeniable an incredible experience of seeing and experiencing the magical feeling of being with the endangered gorillas from home. The Virtual reality experience is real, travelers have a face to face with the mountain gorilla family in their natural habitat.

Where to watch Rwanda Virtual Reality Film?
The virtual reality film of gorilla trekking in Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park can be see on all Rwanda partner platform. These include VeeR, Oculus, Within, Littlstar and Samsung VR. For those using snapshot the Rwanda gorilla film can be seen without a virtual reality headset online. Since its launching, Virtual tourism in Rwanda has started to grow as many travelers some of whom had planned their gorilla trips already yearn to see the endangered gorillas.

Covid19 and Tourism in Rwanda
Since March 2020, all gorilla safaris to Rwanda were temporally suspended due to the outbreak of the deadly Covid19 pandemic. Having noticed how deadly this virus could be to the endangered mountain gorilla, Rwanda Development Board rushed to close Volcanoes National Park, the home to 10 mountain gorilla families. Rwanda Development Board further informed all travel operators, travelers and the general public about the suspension of Rwanda gorilla safaris for the time being. Nyungwe National Park, home for the chimpanzees and Akagera National Park home to the big five game are also closed. The closure of tourism in Rwanda has greatly affected the country’s economic performance. For the past 25 years, tourism has been a major source of Rwanda’s foreign exchange earning contributing over 60% of the country’s Gross Domestic Product. Rwanda is a hub for luxury gorilla safaris in Africa at a cost of $1500 per gorilla permit. More so, many people especially in the hospitality industry have lost jobs, which affects their standards of living.

PostCovid19 Rwanda gorilla safaris
There is much hope for the continuity and reopening of Rwanda gorilla safaris soon after the defeat of the deadly Corona Virus. YES, Rwanda has worked so hard to contain the spread of this deadly disease. Since the outbreak, Rwanda has registered 259 cases, 124 recovered and zero death. For the past 2 months, Rwanda has been in total lockdown with all people working from Home. However, on 4th May 2020, the lockdown has been eased and some businesses and transport have started to operate again. This gives hope that soon, the country will be back to normal and gorilla trekking plus all other tourism experiences will start to operate again.

How to Book Rwanda’s Postcovid19 Gorilla Safaris
Africa Adventure SafarisAfrica Adventure Safaris is at your service to book and arrange a tailor made Rwanda gorilla safari after the defeat of Corona Virus. With over 15 years in tourism service, Africa Adventure Safaris is your number one gorilla safari company in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo. We tailor make short and log safaris all over Africa. If you have limited time, join our 1-Day Kigali to Bwindi gorilla trekking1-Day Kigali to Bwindi gorilla trekking and get a chance to see these endangered species in the shortest time possible. Gorilla permit bookings in Rwanda is recommended at least 6 months in advance to allow timely planning.

Other Countries selling Virtual Safaris
Other countries that are currently offering virtual safaris include South Africa where game safaris in Kruger National Park are streamed live twice daily. This keeps travelers with a fresh travel mind about what happens in the wilderness.

In general,Rwanda’s virtual gorilla is a good initiative that will keep Rwanda tourism live amidst the lockdown. Catch-up today, trek Rwanda gorillas online and enjoy this lifetime experience from your living room.

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