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Rwanda to Receive Five Black Rhinos

Rwanda’s Akagera National park is yet to receive five black rhinos from European Zoos aimed at promoting sustainable rhino conservation in the land of a thousand hills. The new set of rhinos will comprise of three female and males to join the existing eastern rhinos that were reintroduced to Rwanda in 2017 from South Africa. The introduction of black rhinos will strengthen rhino population in Rwanda through the integration of different rhino groups. Cross breeding will bear mixed strong genes of rhinos resistant to diseases. This is so far the largest ever translocation of black rhinos from Europe to Africa. Rwanda tourism Board is celebrating the coming back of black rhinos in Akagera National park their initial natural habitat. Akagera park was home to numerous rhinos which were all wiped out during the 1994 genocide leaving no single rhino in Akagera National park. The park was home to more than 50 black rhinos, which were all killed by merciless poachers. The last rhino in Akagera national park was spotted in 2007. The park had no rhinos for 10 years until 20197 when Rwanda tourism board imported 18 Eastern black rhinos from South Africa. The introduction of black rhinos to Akagera national park is a great achievement by Rwanda Tourism Board. Black rhinos are one of the critically endangered species with less than 900 individuals in the whole world. The population of black rhinos is therefore much less compared to mountain gorillas.

Where have these rhinos been living?
The endangered species were initially living in Safari park Dvur Kralove in Czech republic Flamingo Land in Britain and Ree Park Safari Demark. In these last, the five rhinos have been brought together to live in Czech park so as to make them familiar to each other before their transfer to Akagera National park. The reintroduction of Rhinos will bring numerous benefits to Rwanda tourism and local people. After reaching Akagera, the black rhinos will first be kept at Boma sanctuary to make used to the new environment. They will then be moved to a separate sanctuary where travelers will see them. It’s only the offsprings that will be released to integrate with the existing rhino populations in Akagera National Park.

Will travelers trek black rhinos in Akagera Np?
Yes, travelers will visit black rhinos at the sanctuary though not a guarantee. The endangered species are so aggressive and like hiding in thick bushes not safe for travelers. Black rhinos are generally solitary animals not easy to see.

Other animals in Akagera National park
Akagera park is home to the “big five” game (Rhinos, Elephants, lions, buffalos, and Leopards). Lions were reintroduced to Akagera in 2015 after several years of extinction. On your game drives, expect to see many other animals like zebras, giraffes, waterbuck, warthogs, hyenas, elands, Impalas, and antelopes among others. Game driving in the morning and evening hours is the best way to see wildlife in the park.

Birding n Akagera National Park
River Akagera and swampy areas of the park are home to birds like African fish eagle, village weaver, Lilac-breasted roller, African Jacana, White-browed Coucal, Fork-tailed Drongo, Saddle-billed Stork, African Grey Hornbill, Long Crested Eagle, White-faced Whistling Duck, Woodland Kingfisher, Palm-nut Vulture, Cattle Egret, Little Bee-eater, Marabou Stork, Grey Crowned Crane, Helmeted Guinea fowl, Bare-Faced Go-away bird, Goliath Heron and Spur Winged Goose among others. Biding travelers are reminded to carry binoculars for easy bird spotting.

Where to sleep in Akagera National park
Travelers have a wide selection of luxury or budget accommodation facilities in Akagera National park. Popular lodges/camps in Akagera Park include
Ruzizi Tented Camp, Akagera Game Lodge, and Dereva hotel among others. These serve travelers with excellent food and sleeping services at affordable rates. Other
Activities in Akagera National Park
• Game Viewing
• Bird watching
• Sport fishing
• Camping
The introduction of black Rhinos to Akagera National park is a boost for game tourism in Rwanda. Book a Rwanda safari to Akagera park, visit rhinos at the zoo, enjoy big five games, go bird watching and enjoy the beauties of Rwanda.

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