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Rwanda Named Among Top 30 Global Travel Destinations For 2020

This year 2019 has been fruitful for Rwanda based on the many achievements the small country has achieved in the tourism industry. In addition to the many awards that Rwanda has attained since the year began, the small country has again been ranked by Travel Lemming as the top travel destination in Africa and one of the top 30 must-visit world destinations in 2020. The new achievement came a few weeks after Forbes ranked Kigali city among the must-visit 20 cities in the world. Safety, security, transformation and extensive conservation efforts are among the reasons why Rwanda was selected as a premier travel destination in Africa. Travel Lemming, a global travel blog that ranks trending travel destination confirmed that Rwanda qualifies to be on the list of the top travel destinations each traveler must visit on his/her Safaris to Africa. Voting was done by 30 top travel bloggers from the globe. Each of these bloggers has a collection of over 12 million followers on social media which following make them popular.

Traveling to Rwanda is less restricted and Visa requirements not so rigid for travelers from countries on the same regional bloc. Travelers to Rwanda only require valid passports, which make it easier. For those from the East Africa Community, a national ID or an East African Visa allows you to visit and explore this beautiful land of a thousand hills. A Rwanda visa can be obtained upon arrival at as low as $50, which give chance to short time travelers to also explore this beautiful country.

Direct flights to RwandaMore so, Rwandaair, the national carrier has made connectivity between Rwanda and other countries easy and quick. In 2020, Rwandaair is set to start operating direct flights from Kigali international airport to JFK New York which will ease connectivity between the 2 countries. The glowing connectivity between Rwanda and other countries across the globe is one of the reasons for the ranking of Rwanda among the must-visit destinations. Rwanda expects to receive an increased number of visitors from New York in 2020 hence increased tourism revenue to Rwanda. Following the fateful 1994 genocide that shuttered Rwanda into pieces, Rwandese vowed a “NEVER AGAIN” to any fighting. This transpired peace, reconciliation, and harmony in Rwanda now ranking among the top safety places to stay in Africa.

Recently, the World Economic Forum named Rwanda as the safest country in Africa assuring travelers of safety and comfort during their stay in the land of a thousand hills. In most cases, connectivity from European countries to Africa has been a challenge, which hinders some travelers from visiting African countries. However, for Rwanda, it’s a different story. Travelers fly directly from their home countries to Kigali Rwanda without unnecessary stopovers.

Amarachi Ekekwe, the founder of travel with a pen blog who was one of the jungles Visit Rwandathat selected Rwanda confirmed how he couldn’t wait to visit this land of a thousand hills. Amarachi said that he would one day be excited to visit Rwanda to see its amazing transformation, visit wildlife in national parks and appreciate the continuous conservation efforts that Rwanda has promoted. Similarly, Amanda Mouttaki, the travel blogger of Maroc Mama disclosed how Rwanda is at the top of his bucket list in Africa. Amanda confessed that he is so anxious to visit Rwanda to experience and enjoy Rwanda’s cultural mix, explore the beautiful sceneries, trek to see mountain gorillas, interact with locals and enjoy a stay in the beautiful Kigali city. According to Amanda who was also among the judges, Rwanda has an endless list of tourism experiences to offer ranging from the famous gorilla trekking tours, rich cultural experiences, mountaineering tours, big five game, bird watching, and primate safaris among others.

The “Visit Rwanda” slogan, which features on the sleeves of all arsenal players, has promoted Rwanda tourism. The Rwanda arsenal partnership has marketed Rwanda to the whole world encouraging more travelers to visit Rwanda and see for themselves what makes this small country an exceptional travel destination.

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• Launceston, Tasmania
• Rovinj, Croatia
• Namibia
• Aarhus, Denmark
• Northern Territory, Australia
• Prince Edward Island
• Colorado Springs, Colorado
• La Paz, Mexico
• Estonia
• Lausanne, Switzerland
• Southern Laos
• Lebanon
• Poznan, Poland
• Paso Robles, California
• Navarre Beach, Florida
• McLaren Vale, South Australia
• Laurel Highlands, Pennsylvania
• Azerbaijan
• Paraguay
• Ethiopia

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In general, the inclusion of Rwanda among the top travel destinations in the world is a great achievement for the Rwanda Development Board and the whole country. The land of a thousand hills is leading in promoting conservation and is one f the safest travel destinations to stay. Visit Rwanda, trek mountain gorillas, enjoy the thrilling beauties, cultural performance and have a peaceful stay in the clean Kigali city for a lifetime experience.

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