Rwanda & Tanzania to jointly promote tourism

Rwanda Join Forces with Tanzania to Promote Tourism

It’s now possible to book a Rwanda Tanzania combined a safari with no difficulty. The two countries formed a joint effort to promote tourism products in Rwanda and Tanzania as a one safari package. The partnership was signed on 5th March 2019 between the Rwanda Tours and Travel Associations (RTTA) and the Tanzania Association of Travel Association (TATO) with the major objective of increasing the length of stay and money spent by travelers to Rwanda and Tanzania. The new strategy will design travel itineraries that cut across two Rwanda and Tanzania giving visitors a chance to explore tourist attractions in the two countries on one trip. Fortunately, Rwanda and Tanzania offer different tourism products, which give them a comparative advantage. TATO and RTTA are tourism bodies that bring together all travel and tour operators in Tanzania and Rwanda respectively. The representatives of TATO and RRTA met in Kigali in a business-to-business networking event to discuss strategies to improve tourism in Rwanda and Tanzania. Tourism is presently one of the leading economic sectors that earn a lot of foreign exchange for a different tourism destination. In Rwanda tourism alone contributes contribute over 50% of the country’s Gross Domestic Product through the sale of gorilla permits and other tourism activities in Rwanda. While in Rwanda, TATO members engaged in Rwanda’s top tourism products such as gorilla trekking in volcanoes national park, canopy walk in Nyungwe forest national park, kayaking and boat riding to Lake Kivu. Also, the two partner states agreed to strongly promote the conservation of wildlife and culture in their respective countries. Rwanda and Tanzania are high-end tourist destinations in the region with strong conservation policies/ in 2017, Rwanda doubles the cost of a gorilla permit from $750 to $1500 with immediate effect a one way of promoting gorilla conservation in volcanoes national park.

Over the years, Rwanda and Tanzania have seen an increased number of tourist arrivals, which created a need for the extensive market to attract more visitors to come and explore the two countries. Tourism is undeniably a new frontier to move east African continent out of poverty playing as a source of formal and informal employment opportunities with the long value chain. The new partnership will help TATO and RTTA to promote tourism products in Rwanda and Tanzania as a combined package. In the meeting, travel operators from Rwanda and Tanzania shared their travel experiences and it was surely a good moment.

Tourism products to promote
Among the top tourism products that will be prompted in the partnership of Rwanda and Tanzania include among others:

Gorilla tracking

gorilla tracking in volcanoes national park
Gorilla watching in Volcanoes national park is Rwanda’s top travel activity, which contributes over 50% of Rwanda’s gross domestic product. Each day, hundreds of travelers flock into Rwanda’s volcanoes park to meet face to face with the endangered mountain gorillas rewarding them with a lifetime experience. The high cost of a single gorilla permit at ($1500) makes Rwansouthwesty gorilla tour destination, which offers travelers a luxury gorilla safari experience. At present Rwanda as 10 habituated gorilla families each visited by eight people a day hence, 80 gorilla permits are available everyday.

Chimpanzee tracking/Canopy Walk

These two are done in Nyungwe forest national park south west of Rwanda. Two communities of chimpanzees have been habituated for trekking in Nyungwe forest at a cost of $100 including park entrance fees. The canopy walk reward travelers with an aerial view of the Nyungwe forest, Virunga volcanoes and the neighboring communities.

Game viewing
Tanzania is widely known for exceptional game viewing safaris in the open savannah parks of Serengeti national park, and Tarangire national park, Ngorongoro conservation area, Serous game reserve, and Ruaha national park among others. The wild beast migration in Serengeti national park make Tanzania a must visit destination on your Africa Safari. at the end of their Rwanda safari, travelers will cross over to Tanzania for game viewing and wild beast migration making a complete safari package.

Kayaking/boat cruise at Lake Kivu
Do not miss kayaking at lake kivu for refreshment from tiresome gorilla trekking and other strenuous activities. A boat ride on the calm waters of lake kivu to the fishing villages and islands make your safari exceptional. A boat cruise on lake Kivu is an opportunity for birders exposing them a variety bird species including African pied wagtail, Ashy Flycatcher, African Pied wagtail, Common Kestral, Bronzed Sunbirds, African pied wagtail, spotted yellow-throated greenbul, little bee-eater, back-headed weaver, black-headed Heron, Striated Heron and Hadada ibis.

Mt Kilimanjaro hiking
Do not miss hiking to the top of Mt Kilimanjaro the highest mountain in Africa and the world’s tallest free standing mountain standing at 19,341 feet/5,895 meters above the sea level. Travelers to hike Mt Kilimanjaro are however reminded to have comprehensive travel insurance and be physically fit.

Marketing Rwanda and Tanzania, as combined destination is a big deal as far as tourism marketing and promotion is concerned. Book a combined Rwanda Tanzania safari for gorilla trekking, game viewing, wild beast migration, mountain climbing and boat cruising for a complete safari package and memorable experience.

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