Discounted gorilla permits in Rwanda

Rwanda Extends Discounted Gorilla Permits in Volcanoes National park

Have you known it yet? RDB has extended her offer for discounted gorilla permits in Rwanda Volcanoes National Park. Book a Rwanda gorillas safari today and grab a chance to trek gorillas at a very low cost.  Whereas the initial offer for discounted permits was scheduled to end on 31st Dec 2022, Rwanda Development Board has extended this offer till further notice. The cost of gorilla trekking permits in Rwanda has been slashed from $1500 to $500 each for foreign residents. East African citizens will pay $200 a huge discount enabling them to save roughly $1300 while foreign non-residents are not eligible for this discount.

The discounted offer is aimed at boosting tourism in the “Land of a thousand hills”. It’s obvious that many travelers will be encouraged to come and experience the magical feeling of meeting gorillas at a very low cost.  Mountain gorilla trekking is ranked among the best wildlife experiences, which attracts a high number of travelers from all over the world. Rwanda has done its best in marketing its tourism products to the outside world.

The number of travelers visiting the endangered mountain gorillas in Volcanoes National Park of Rwanda is also expected to increase given the high number of travelers. The increased visitor numbers will definitely bring more benefits to the local communities surrounding Volcanoes National park.  Local-based projects such as art craft markets will get a ready market for their products, which increase their income. Also, the mindset of local people towards gorilla conservation has positively changed given the huge amount of money shared from the gorilla permits. 20% of the money collected from each gorilla permit is given out to the local communities to improve their livelihoods.  Also, local people are hired as rangers and porters, which earn them income to support their families.

More so, the extension of discounted gorilla permits in Rwanda is hoped to favor the endangered mountain gorillas. The increased visits will promote awareness about these endangered mountain gorillas to travelers. More funds will be collected from the sale of gorilla permits, which will help to fund conservation programs and facilitate staff in the park.  The population of mountains has been steadily increasing since the time of Dian Fossey.

Guidelines for Booking Discounted Rwanda Gorilla Permits

Rwanda Development Board has put guidelines for booking discounted gorilla permits in Volcanoes National park. These include:

  1. If you intend to trek gorillas in the peak season (June to September), you are required to pay at least a month in advance before the trekking date.
  2. You are required to book a passport to identify citizenship when booking a discounted mountain gorilla permit in Rwanda
  3. If you are a foreign resident working in Rwanda, you are asked to present a work permit when buying discounted gorilla permit
  4. Foreign nonresidents do not qualify for discounted gorilla permits in Volcanoes National park. A permit for foreign nonresidents costs $1500 each.

How and when to book discounted Rwanda gorilla permits

Once you made up your mind to book low-cost gorilla permits in Volcanoes National park, check for the guidelines for booking. These include

  • Choose your gorilla trekking date at least 5 weeks before the actual trekking date
  • Contact a travel operator of your choice, confirm to him/her our physical fitness and which gorilla family you would like to visit
  • Send in your passport details for confirmation
  • Submit your work permit if you are working in Rwanda
  • Send your gorilla trekking booking deposit
  • Ensure the operator send you a gorilla trekking permit confirmation receipt

 NOTE: Booking can be done through a trusted travel operator or directly with Rwanda Development Board.

Other things to do in Volcanoes National park

Besides mountain gorilla trekking, Volcanoes National park has a lot to offer! Both adventurous and relaxed travelers are assured of finding something interesting to do in Volcanoes National park. The gorilla trekking add-ons in VNP include among others:

Golden monkey trekking

Visiting the gorilla guardians village

Bird watching

Visiting Musanze caves

Visiting Bulera & Ruhondo twin lakes

Nature/forest walks

In general, the extension of discounted mountain gorilla permits in Volcanoes National Park is a good move. Book now and enjoy low-cost mountain gorilla safaris in Rwanda

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