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Rwanda Has Emerged From Darkness To Top Tour Destination

When you read past documentaries about Rwanda and compare them with present Rwanda, you will be left in disbelief. The 1994 genocide that claimed the lives of over 1000,000 people in 100 days tarnished Rwanda’s image world wise. However over year, Rwanda with the leadership of Paul kagame sworn a “never again” to restore the country’s lost love and peace. It’s amazing how Rwanda has transformed from a dark country to the most shinning and safest travel destination not only in Africa but also in the whole world. Travelers to Rwanda today are left wondering how the “Dark Rwanda” they read and heard about is different from what they see. Rwanda is a totally changed country whose dark history your hardly believe. A visit to any one of the genocide memorial sites is one thing that makes people believe the genocide was there; otherwise, no one would believe that the present stunning Rwanda was once in pieces and ashes. As soon as you land at Kigali international airport, the calm, quite ambiance gives you a fresh feeling. The clean streets, organized traffic and less congestion in Kigali city make you believe that Rwanda is indeed a distinct destination.

Trekking mountain gorillas in Volcanoes National park is a no miss on your safari to this Land of A thousand Hills. As an exception, Rwanda offers travelers with first class and luxury gorilla tours, which last for a lifetime. Visit one of the 10 habituated gorilla families in Volcanoes National park, spend an hour with these gentle giants and embrace the human like characters of gorillas that make them our closet relatives. Rwanda sells the most expensive permits at $1500 each with a sole aim of promoting gorilla conservation and supporting local communities.

Also, looking at numerous developments in Rwanda especially first class hotels, lodges, roads an other infrastructures, the progress in Rwanda can be seen by everyone. The political stability and fast growing economy of Rwanda is clear evidence that Rwanda has indeed transformed. With all the rankings by reputable world organizations, Rwanda is now a prominent destination worth visiting.

Regarding healthy system in Rwanda, the country reports a reduction in common diseases such as malaria and now focusing on preventing no communicable disease, which make Rwanda the safest place to stay.

Easy access to affordable electricity is another achievement Rwanda has gained. At present, over 50% of Rwanda’s population use electricity for power as confirmed by Rwanda Energy group. This is a great achievement compared to only 10% population that was connected to electricity 10 years back. 37% of the 50% are connected to national grip while 14% use solar and generators. People who lived in the dark Rwanda 10 years back are therefore amazed at how the whole of Rwanda is almost connected to electricity with minimal dark spots. Much as the whole of Rwanda has not been connected to electricity, Rwanda energy group hopes that in 5 years to come, everyone in Rwanda even those in remote areas will be connected to electricity.
Electricity is mainly used for lighting, charging mobile phones and powering radios and televisions. Kerosene (petrol) that was the major source of light in the past years has now banished and replaced with electricity. If you are to look for kerosene in any of the local shops, trust me! You will never get it again in Rwanda. Electricity has taken over and is now a major source of light.

Another achievement in Rwanda is change in fuel for cooking. Unlike in the past when firewood was the major source of fire, Mots people in Rwanda are currently using Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG). People in towns and villages have now resorted to use of LPG instead of charcoal and firewood. This will help to conserve natural forests promoting sustainability.

Rwanda is one of the first growing countries in the world. The present state of Rwanda is clear evidence that it will not be long before Rwanda is fully connected to electricity. Kerosine, firewood and charcoal will be evicted for better quality life leaving everything as history.

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