Rwanda after genocide

What Makes Rwanda Rise From Genocide?

24 years after the dreadful genocide that shuttered the country into pieces, Rwanda has risen to become the fastest developing country in East and central Africa as a whole. The 1994 genocide was one of the most bone-chilling tragedies in the world’s memories which left over a million people dead and the Republic of Rwanda shaken to its basic. To all people who visit Rwanda, the sad news of the genocide is a testimony of how far the country has come and the achievements the country has made over time. Talking about tourism, Rwanda has on several occasions been ranked as the leading tourism destination offering the best wildlife experiences in the world. The country is one of the three destinations sheltering the critically endangered mountain gorillas alongside Uganda and Democratic republic of Congo. A look at the present Rwanda compared to its past leave all travelers stunned on how the country has picked the pieces of the genocide into an impressive, successful and exemplary country. Besides tourism, Rwanda is a center for conferences, incentives, events and meetings being a home for leading hotels, lodges and other business opportunities, which all attract prominent people into the country. Rwanda’s transformation is seen undeniably a typical and miracle of development. Just like any successful country, several factors are behind Rwanda’s success. These include among others:

Political stability
A combination of Peace, unity and political stability make Rwanda a unique destination to stay. Since genocide, Rwanda has never experienced any form of political instability, which has kept all people united and in good terms with one another. The presidency of HE Paul kagame has transformed the country into the most safe and stable country to live. Interestingly, all Rwanda citizens vowed a never again to fights which keep the country stable. While in Rwanda, you cannot hear of any form of rioting unlike other countries, which give courage to investors and other travelers to choose Rwanda as a first priority. Political stability has supported economic renewal, attracting investors into the country and allowing the smooth running of all forms of businesses in the land of a thousand hills which all result into development. In the 2016 2017 financial year, Rwanda earned over 1.675 billion dollars in investments compared to 800 million dollars that had been earned in 2007. Political stability has also attracted a large number of travelers to Rwanda. The country receives the

Rwanda has seen investments from 800 million dollars in 2007 to 1.675 billion dollars in 2017. Having heard about Rwanda’s tourism investment opportunities and political stability, most investors have been attracted to the area. Political stability is almost certainly one of major pressing factors that every investor must consider before deciding to risk their hard earned cash. Unstable and unpredictable political environments hinder investment returns, which do not allow for long term planning. Unlike past decades, Rwanda was deeply divided nation in desperate need of economic and political reconstruction in 1994. Since then, Rwanda under the leadership of kagame has made the country stable generating the political stability needed for economic renewal. The tourism sector in Rwanda has seen the highest peak in the last 2 years because of Rwanda’s stability and people enjoy their stay in Rwanda. Political stability is one of the most reasons for increased investment in Rwanda. In looking for investment countries, travelers always first consider before placing their investments in ay country. Unstable and unpredictable political environments hinder investment returns and do not allow for long term planning. Despite in the past when the country was deeply divided nation desperate need of economic and political reconstruction in 1994.

The stable leadership of Rwanda under Paul kagame has promoted peace and security in the country making it a best destination to stay. Gorilla tourism is the backbone of Rwanda’s tourism and conservation industry in Rwanda bringing in over 50% of the country’s gross domestic product. Tourism sector has for the last two years seen its highest peak due o political stability which has attracted a highest number of travelers into the country. Besides attracting investors, political stability in Rwanda attracts a high number of travelers for meetings and seminars for holidays with its uniqueness of endangered mountain gorillas. in the last nine year, gorilla tourism has generated over 107 million UD dollars to Rwanda. Records show that over 298000 tourists have visited volcanoes national park between 2006 to 2017, which is a great achievement.

Extensive marketing
Having sworn a ‘never again” to fighting and political conflicts, the government of Rwanda with the support of all citizens started new marketing strategies to polish up the bad image. Rwanda development board a government body responsible for tourism marketing and new product development invests much in exposing the country to the outside world. The country takes part in any exhibitions and expos, which has put the country on the world travel map. Regarding tourism, Rwanda is widely known as the leading tourism destination, which offer excellent gorilla tours, golden monkey trekking and at the same time the best place for meetings, conventions, conferences, and incentives which attract a high number of people into the country.

Good Governance
We cannot talk about Rwanda’s success story without recognizing the good governance of Paul kagame. Its undeniable that Kagamae’s reign has been and is still a blessing for Rwanda. Unlike other east African countries, Rwanda’s political system is very clear and specific on what to achieve at a time. Also, Rwanda has proved its competent efforts with the rule of law, no tolerance to corruption, transparency and democracy for all people of all ethnic groups and religions. Similarly, Rwanda has shown its competent efforts to continuously improve the rule of law, democracy and effectiveness of government intervention, fight against corruption, transparency initiatives of government in everything. Its therefore undeniable that Kagame’s good and competent governance has contributed to Rwanda’s success.

After the genocide, reconciliation was brought and Rwanda citizens were re united again. All Rwandese vowed a never again to fights following the loss of over 1 million innocent people in just 100 days. Unity, which has cleaned out all the differences in tribes, and social class that was the main cause of the genocide in which the then high class Hutu mercilessly killed the low class Ttusi and Batwa. Also, the government has started different programs such as Kwibuka in which all people come together and celebrate the success they have attained after the genocide. Also, efforts have been put to avoid any discrimination of ethnic groups. In some cases like the registration of national identity cards and other related issues, all citizens are registered simply as Rwanda’s with no ethnic or tribal references anymore on their identification papers. Also, different reconciliation villages such as the Bugesera reconciliation village have been created to bring together the victims of the genocide. Also, all Rwandan schools discourage children fro identifying themselves under ethnicity and instead ask them to focus on building the future of a common Rwanda.

Education cannot be left out while talking about Rwanda’s success. The government has invested much in education sector by constructing schools and hiring professional teachers at all levels. This has created awareness about the usefulness of working together putting an end to tribal conflicts in the land of a thousand hills.

In general Rwanda has risen from ashes to glory. Several factors have contributed to the transformation of Rwanda making it the best destination for gorilla tours, volcano climbing, golden monkey trekking, bird watching and cultural visits among others. Book a Rwanda safari and enjoy your lifetime experience in the land of a thousand hills.

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