How to Choose the Best Travel Company

Dealing with a specialized travel agent/company is the first step to ensure an enjoyable and successful gorilla safari to Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. YES, a good travel company will make it simple for you. Right from booking gorilla permits, reserving hotel/lodge rooms, transport and also assigning you the very best driver-guide. In other words, a travel company can bless or ruin your safari. For that case, travelers intending to visit in the near future are cautioned about their choice of travel companies. Numerous travel agents are apparently in the tourism business but not all of them are professionals. Some of them are starters while others are just looking for money with no interest in serving clients’ travel interests. Gorilla Trek Africa gives you a guide on how to choose the best travel company for you Africa safari to Uganda, Rwanda, Congo and the rest of the countries.

Consider the Reputation of the Company
Yes, the reputation of a travel company is very essential when it comes to booking and planning a safari. search in-depth about this company, for how long has it been in existence, its past clients travel reviews, location of their offices and everything about them, Check their website, which packages and content do they offer, does it suit your interests?. The reputation of a travel company will give you confidence. If the company’s reputation is good, go ahead and book with them. However, if you find anything not proper, ask for clarification or consider booking with another company.

Timely communications
Consider a company, which gives you timely responses during the booking process. Off course you will have a lot of questions, not so? If any company gives you the attention and detailed answers to all your questions consider booking with them. Avoid travel agents who take 3 4 days or even a week to reply to your email. Slow sleep in communication is a sign that the travel agent either doe not know answers or he/she is not settled to serve clients.


Is the travel agent you are booking with a member of any recognized tourism body? If no, think twice before booking. In Uganda, make sure the travel agent is either registered with the Association of Uganda Tour Operators (AUTO) or Uganda Tourism Board. In Rwanda, check where the company is registered with Rwanda Development Board. Any company registered in tourism bodies has a lot of benefits, which include access to gorilla permits in Bwindi Forest, Mgahinga, Volcanoes, and Virunga National Park. Also, in case of any misbehavior by the travel agent, a client can be rescued by AUTO or UTB or RBD if the travel agent is a registered member. Make sure you check the membership list on the websites of these tourism bodies to confirm that your travel agent is indeed a member.

Compare travel agents and check prices
Try to contact at least 3 travel agents and compare their services. Also, compare the prices given and ask for a breakdown of each. NOTE: Do not rush to use a cheap travel agent and also do not run to a highly-priced travel agent thinking it delivers quality.

Which mode of payment is the travel agent asking?
Make sure you send the money to the business account and not someone’s account. The money must have a bank account registered in the names of the company, not the owner or anyone else. The common modes of payment are by pesa pal, PayPal, and bank wire transfer. Also, avoid sending money through western union and money gram. If you happen to come without finishing the payment, you will be asked to pay the balance at the start of the trip.

Recommended travel companies
For the time we have been in the tourism industry, there are travel agents we trust to give you the very best of your African safari.
1. Gorilla Trek Africa:
Ranking as a number one travel company in Rwanda, Gorilla Trek Africa is your travel agent on your gorilla safari to Rwanda and other African Countries, With around 600 excellent trip advisor review, your safari with Gorilla Trek Africa is a trusted travel agent which has served thousands of travelers with excellent services for the last 15 years.

2. Africa Adventure Safaris
Ranking number one travel agent in Uganda, Africa Adventure Safaris is your best guide to explore the Pearl of Africa and the rest of Africa. AAS has over 222 excellent travel reviews on trip advisor, a confirmation that indeed, it’s your gorilla safari company

Generally, choosing the best travel agent guarantees you a successful and memorable gorilla safari experience. Contact any of the trusted travel agents today, book your gorilla safari to Africa and explore the wilderness to its fullest.

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