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Forbes Ranks Kigali Among The 20 Best Places To Visit In 2010

Kigali city, the capital of Rwanda made it to the Forbes list of the 20 best places to visit in 2020. The good news was received by the Rwanda government, travel operators and local people who celebrated the success of their own “Kigali City” having made it to the top list of the must-visit cities in 2020. The exclusive list of “must-visit travel destinations” in 2020 was made by a group of travel agents from the Ovation travel group which has served in the tourism industry for 35 years with a net worth of $1.4 billion. The ranking of these top places was based on sales and client aspirations all over the world. The other cities that were ranked along Kigali include Cape Town, Tokyo, Patagonia, Tel Aviv, Marrakech, and Atacama cities among others.
According to Judy Stein, the president of the Stein collective people should visit Rwanda to witness and appreciate the intense success this small city has achieved from the time of the 1994 genocide. It’s undeniable that Kigali city has risen from ashes into a beautiful and transformed city ranked among the best travel destinations in Africa and the whole world.
The cleanness, safety, organization and numerous developments in Kigali city make it an exceptional destination to visit. Also, a combination of world-class modern art galleries, fashion, local crafts, coffee shops, and museums offer you an enlightening cultural experience in this land of a thousand hills. Kigali city is a gateway to all tourism destinations in Rwanda being a first stop center and the start of all Rwanda safaris to all corners of the country.

Rwanda ToursKigali City is a center for conference tourism in Africa and was ranked the best conference destination in Africa by the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA). Kigali Convention Centre offers travelers the best services for international meetings and conferences. Besides conference tourism, Kigali city is a center for cultural tourism in Rwanda. The presences of various genocide memorial centers (Kigali genocide memorial center) plus historical sites make it a first stop center for cultural and historical tours in Rwanda. A visit to the Kigali genocide memorial center tells travelers about the genocide incidence, how it started, what happened and how it ended. It also gives a comparison of Rwanda today with the then Rwanda which confirms the great transformation, the small country has achieved over time.

The ranking of Kigali city among the 20 best travel destinations to visit in 2010 is a great achievement for Rwanda travel operators. Firstly, The move encourages and promotes domestic tourism in Rwanda. The close location of Kigali city to all Rwanda national parks make connectivity simple and quick.

The drive time from Kigali city to Volcanoes National park is roughly 3 hours, which eases travel. Short time travelers who wish to do a 1-Day Rwanda gorilla trek find it easy connecting from Kigali to Volcanoes National park in the shortest time possible. Nowadays, Rwanda has increasingly become an ideal destination for travelers around the world.

In 2018, Rwanda received 1.7 million people, which was an 8% increase from 2017. Despite the double increment of Rwanda gorilla permits in 2017 from $750 to $1500, the country has continued to receive a high number of travelers coming for gorilla trekking in Volcanoes National Park.

Also, many travelers visit Rwanda to enjoy the big five game in Akagera National Park. The recent reintroduction of lions and rhinos into Akagera National park made it home to the big five game (Elephants, lions Leopards, Rhinos and Buffalos) plus many other wild animals which call this savannah park their home.

Rwanda safaris also include chimpanzee trekking and canopy walk in Nyungwe Forest National park, which give travelers a life-changing experience at affordable rates.

First-class hotels and lodges, which have been established, serve travelers to Rwanda in different corners of the country to serve travelers with excellent food and sleeping services. Among the top lodges in Rwanda include Singita Lodge, One and Only Nyungwe House, Bisate Lodge, Mountain Gorilla View Lodge, Sabyinyo Lodge, Kigali Serena Hotels and Marriot hotel among others.
Generally, the ranking of Kigali city among the 20 must best destinations to visit in 2020 is a great success for the Rwanda Tourism Board. The new achievement will open up Rwanda to the outside world hence attraction the high number of travelers from all over the world.

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