Lake Burera & Ruhondo

Rwanda’s Twin Lakes – Burere &Ruhondo

The twin lakes of Burera and Ruhondo were named so because they are situated in the same areas and their physical connection. They are located with in Musanze district at the base of the Mount Muhabura a walk away from the Volcanoes national park. The lakes offer tourists a beautiful view of landscape, wetland habitat, […]

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Rwanda &Togo Bilateral Air Service Agreement

Rwanda &Togo Sign Bilateral Air Service Agreement The question about Connecting from kigali to Togo has been answered. On 3rd May 2018 Rwanda signed a bilateral air service agreement with Togo. The intensions of this bilateral agreement are to enhance Rwanda airs expansion to West Africa, improve economic development and easily connect people to other […]

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Rwanda after genocide

What Makes Rwanda Rise From Genocide?

24 years after the dreadful genocide that shuttered the country into pieces, Rwanda has risen to become the fastest developing country in East and central Africa as a whole. The 1994 genocide was one of the most bone-chilling tragedies in the world’s memories which left over a million people dead and the Republic of Rwanda […]

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Rwanda safaris

Four Genocide Mass Graves Discovered After 24 Years

Four Genocide Mass Graves Discovered After 24 Years 24 years after the dreadful genocide of 1994, 4 mass graves have been discovered in kabezi village, kabuga cell in rusororo sector Gasabo district in the province of Rwanda. The mass graves were dug way back in 1992 by the then Hutu leaders who already had plans […]

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lodges in volcanoes national park

Bisate Lodge Ranked among world’s Best new hotels.

Rwanda’s Bisate Lodge Ranked Among World’s Best New Hotels Comfortable and excellent lodging services are one of the key features behind Rwanda’s tourism success story. The standard and quality of accommodation is one of the frequently asked questions/a major concern for most travelers planning safaris to Uganda, Rwanda, Congo and other African countries. Looking at […]

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Rwandaair flights

Rwandair Direct Flights to Abuja, Cape Town

Rwandair To Start Flights To Abuja, Cape Town With the sole purpose of boosting Rwanda’s economy, trade, tourism and bilateral partnership with Abuja and Cape Town, Rwandaair is set to launch direct flights to Abuja in Nigeria and Cape Town in South Africa in a short time to come. The yet to be opened flights […]

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how is Rwanda a smart nation

How Rwanda Aims to Be a Smart Nation

Regardless of Rwanda’s no access to minerals as a source of income, the country has opted for wide investment in science and information technology to cover up its gap in the trade deficit. While attending the nations address at the 15th annual national dialogue, HE Paul Kagame the president of Rwanda realized the need for […]

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Weather in Rwanda

Rwanda weather is one of the key factors which draw thousands of travelers to the land of a thousand hills. As soon as travelers step into Rwanda, a fresh and pleasant feeling of a conducive weather awaits. The warmth and coldness of Rwanda is determined by variations in elevation. Areas with low elevation such as […]

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Rwanda to Celebrate the International Day of Peace

23 years down the peace road, the government of Rwanda and the Never Again Rwanda (NAR) have made a significant strides in peace-building in the country that today Rwanda is one of the most peaceful countries to visit in Africa. Rwanda joins the rest of the world to celebrate the International Day of Peace (IDP) […]

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rwanda safaris

Discover Interesting facts you didn’t know about Rwanda

Since time memorial, Rwanda has been known for being a home to the endangered mountain gorillas in the volcanoes national park alongside Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. More still, the country is well recalled for the terrific 1994 genocide that claimed the lives of roughly 800,000 people in 100 days. The country has […]

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Diversifying Rwanda’s tourism potential beyond Mountain Gorillas

Recent African tourism records show Rwanda as one of the fast growing touristic destination in Africa.Realistically Rwandan is greatly dependent on mountain gorillas safaris attracting the largest international crowd with just few other add-on attractions added along the mountain gorillas to make a standard Rwanda tour package. Other attractions include the genocide memorial sites, canopy […]

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community children of Rwanda

Challenges facing Rwanda’s tourism growth

Rwanda has one of the fast growing tourism sectors in Africa today, with the industry earning over $305 million since 2015 which contributes the highest amount of foreign exchange for the country’s government. Rwanda’s Development Board (RDB), the country’s government body in charge of tourism, continue to increase the the country’s tourism potential by putting […]

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gorilla trekking rwanda

Rwanda Tourism Strategy

Rwanda’s tourism potential is at a rise, with the country receiving more and more tourists, flocking the country to see gorilla in the Volcanoes national park. The rare endangered mountain gorillas have placed Rwanda on the world travel map, competing along side most sought destinations like the he Big Five African countries that are the […]

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The Bisoke Crater Lake Hike

Mt. Bisoke is a dormant volcano, located within Volcanoes National Park, and it also forms part of the Virunga mountain range bordering on DRC. It is approximately a 3 hr drive from Kigali capital city. Starting off the Bisoke cater hike requires you first to meet your guide and group at the park reception. At […]

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Rwanda Gorilla Tours a successful story of Gorilla Conservation in Rwanda

Mountain gorillas are the leading tourist attractions to Rwanda and have played a major role in contributing to the country’s foreign exchange, increasing the incomes of the local people directly involved in the activity for example guides, porters and trackers and most importantly ensuring tourists experiences and realization of their money value especially after the […]

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