virunga national park congo

Virunga National Park Congo Conservation efforts Crucial for survival inhabiting Wildlife

Virunga national park is considered as both blessed and cursed, the DRCongo national park bio-diverse national park in Africa yet heart breaking Africa’s oldest national park of the Virunga covering approximately two million acres with an inclusion of the web glacier fed river, one of the great lakes of Africa, the sun-bleached savannas, impenetrable low […]

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Kigali Memorial site –Gisozi Genocide Memorial

The Gisozi Genocide site located in Kigali the capital city is Rwanda set up in memory of the manslaughter which took place in 1994. This place tells the horrific story of the massacre of millions of Rwandan locals population, which took place when the country turned on itself over 20 years ago in 1994. The […]

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