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Challenges facing Rwanda’s tourism growth

Rwanda has one of the fast growing tourism sectors in Africa today, with the industry earning over $305 million since 2015 which contributes the highest amount of foreign exchange for the country’s government. Rwanda’s Development Board (RDB), the country’s government body in charge of tourism, continue to increase the the country’s tourism potential by putting […]

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How responsible is gorilla trekking?

Trekking with mountain gorillas in Africa takes travelers hiking through dense forest in East and central Africa in the Virunga conservation region stretching within borders of Congo, Uganda and Rwanda. Gorilla tracking in Africa takes a group of 8 visitors in search for an assigned gorilla group guided by local expert tour guides, escorted by […]

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Rwanda Tourism Strategy

Rwanda’s tourism potential is at a rise, with the country receiving more and more tourists, flocking the country to see gorilla in the Volcanoes national park. The rare endangered mountain gorillas have placed Rwanda on the world travel map, competing along side most sought destinations like the he Big Five African countries that are the […]

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The Bisoke Crater Lake Hike

Mt. Bisoke is a dormant volcano, located within Volcanoes National Park, and it also forms part of the Virunga mountain range bordering on DRC. It is approximately a 3 hr drive from Kigali capital city. Starting off the Bisoke cater hike requires you first to meet your guide and group at the park reception. At […]

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What you didn’t know about Africa’s mountain gorillas

Mountain gorillas are apes under the primates’ family that inhabit the forested Virunga Mountains in northwestern Rwanda, southeastern democratic republic of Congo and south western Uganda and those of Bwindi impenetrable forest. Mountain gorillas are very endangered species with only 900 of them estimated to be remaining on earth and they can only be viewed […]

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Rwanda Gorilla Tours a successful story of Gorilla Conservation in Rwanda

Mountain gorillas are the leading tourist attractions to Rwanda and have played a major role in contributing to the country’s foreign exchange, increasing the incomes of the local people directly involved in the activity for example guides, porters and trackers and most importantly ensuring tourists experiences and realization of their money value especially after the […]

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gorilla trekking in africa

1 day short Rwanda Gorilla Trekking

A short gorilla trek to the Volcanoes national park is a trip option for tourists on a busy schedule maybe attending a workshop in Kigali, seminar, business meeting but very much interested in meeting mountain gorillas in their natural habitat. Make sure not to miss out on a Kigali city tour before your gorilla trek […]

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The Secret behind Rwanda’s tourism success

This is a very important question that many African tourism designations should ask, and hence borrow a leaf from Rwanda’s success story with regards to her fast tourism growth. Comparing the nature of tourism of Rwanda’s neighbors – Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and free falling Burundi, where tourism has been all but wiped out as a […]

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Looking back at the 15 Years Of “Kagamecracy” in Rwanda

On April 22 2000, at 11.45am local Rwandan time; president Paul Kagame took oath of presidential office at Amahoro National Stadium in Kigali. Paul Kagame then had been Rwanda’s vice president, now as president ushered in a period of groundbreaking rebirth that today has placed Rwanda among the new ‘African tigers’. The country marks this […]

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Top Tips for your Gorilla Trekking Excursion in Rwanda

Planning to travel to Africa for gorilla trekking, Rwanda’s Volcano National Park is the best choice to go; to visit the endangered mountain gorillas in Africa. It is the oldest national park on the continent and has an excellent trekking system in place, which balances the curious tourist alongside the critical protection needs of mountain […]

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Efforts to Preserve Natural Resources in Rwanda so as to balance with Population

The land of a thousand hills suffered series of massive deforestation, depletion of bio-diversity, erosion, landslides, pollution of waterways and degradation of fragile ecosystems such as swamps and wetlands. This is because; the country is small on size yet having a growing population. For the government to control the situation, it has implemented control policies […]

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The Virunga massif

A massif is a geological word that is used to refer to a section of the planet’s crust that is demarcated by faults or flexures. It is a topographically high part of the earth’s crust that is bounded by faults and may be shifted by tectonic movements. The Virunga massif in this case, refers to […]

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