Volcanoes National Park

Rwanda Gorilla Safaris Decline After Price Hike

If you have been following Rwanda tourism analytics, you should have realized a drop in the number of travelers to this land of a thousand years. Undeniably, Rwanda has lost a large number of travelers since May 2017 compared to the past years. The fall in Rwanda’s tourist arrivals is attributed to the double increment […]

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Festive season flights to Rwanda

Festive season flights to Rwanda Are you planning to have your Christmas/new year break in Rwanda? Rwanda air has introduced festive season flights to ease your movements to and from Rwanda the land of a thousand hills. This is to simplify your travel to and stay in Rwanda during you Christmas and New Year vacation. […]

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Nyungwe forest national park

Why Visit Nyungwe Forest National Park

What Makes Nyungwe Forest an Exceptional Tourism Destination Are you tired of a tiring busy city life and yearning for a new experience, take another perspective into the untouched rainforest canopy, walking upon the wildlife and centuries old treetops. This forest covers an area of over 1000sq kilometers lieng in the southwestern corner of Rwanda. […]

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Mutware Elephant Dies at 48

Rwanda’s Renowned Elephant Dies at 48

One of the oldest elephants in Rwanda’s Akagera National Park recently passed on at the age of 48. Mutware (chief) famously became the most recognized elephant in the park after breaking his tusks last year. His death was reportedly to have been of natural causes. During his last years, the veteran bull would spend most […]

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Rwanda today

24 Years of Rwanda After the Genocide

How Has Rwanda Managed To Transform & Recover? It is now 24 years since the end of the catastrophic genocide that saw close to a million people massacred in cold blood with over 90% of them being the minority Tutsis. The tragedy that happened in the spring of 1994 between April and July was characterized […]

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Gorilla namers

Gorilla Namers at 2018 Kwita Izina Ceremony

Gorilla Namers at 2018 Kwita Izina Ceremony Are you ready for the 2018 Rwanda gorilla naming ceremony? The long awaited Kwita Izina ceremony every traveler on his/her Rwanda gorilla safari is finally here. As always, the annual event is prepared by Rwanda Development Board (RDB) a government body responsible for tourism marketing and new product […]

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Kahuzi-Biega national park

DR Congo Tourism Now Looks to Kahuzi-Biega

DR Congo Tourism Now Looks to Kahuzi-Biega Following the closure of Virunga, Africa’s oldest national park till 2019, all gorilla safaris to Congo have diverted to Kahuzi Biega national park. Virunga national park in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) was closed in May 2018 due to insecurity concerns associated with kidnap and killing of […]

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Relief After Rwanda Cuts Gorilla Permit fees

Having been shaken by the high cost of gorilla safaris in Rwanda after the double increase of gorilla permits last year, Rwanda travel operators have felt a relief after the introduction of 30 percent low season discount permits in volcanoes National park. In 2017, RDB and the government of Rwanda with immediate effect doubled the […]

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2018 gorilla naming

Rwanda Reveals Other 2018 Kwita Izina Activities

Rwanda Reveals Other 2018 Kwita Izina Activities While counting down to the long awaited 2018 Kwita Izina ceremony in Rwanda scheduled for 7th September 2018, Rwanda Development Board (RDB) has revealed other activities to be done along Kwita Izina. Gorilla naming ceremony was initiated in 2005 and has since then become part of Rwanda’s traditions […]

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Lake Burera & Ruhondo

Rwanda’s Twin Lakes – Burere &Ruhondo

The twin lakes of Burera and Ruhondo were named so because they are situated in the same areas and their physical connection. They are located with in Musanze district at the base of the Mount Muhabura a walk away from the Volcanoes national park. The lakes offer tourists a beautiful view of landscape, wetland habitat, […]

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Congo Forest Reserves

DRC to Start Oil Mining in Virunga &Salongo Forest Reserve

DRC Prioritizes Oil Mining Over Conservation While travelers and tour operators wait for 2019 when Virunga national park is expected to open again for gorilla trekking and other tourism activities to start, the government has instead prioritized oil mining over conservation. The government of Congo has passed a decision to degarzette some parts of Virunga […]

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Rwanda &Togo Bilateral Air Service Agreement

Rwanda &Togo Sign Bilateral Air Service Agreement The question about Connecting from kigali to Togo has been answered. On 3rd May 2018 Rwanda signed a bilateral air service agreement with Togo. The intensions of this bilateral agreement are to enhance Rwanda airs expansion to West Africa, improve economic development and easily connect people to other […]

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Gorillas safaris

Mountain Gorillas Learn to Dismantle Poacher’s Traps

Mountain Gorillas Learn to Dismantle Poacher’s Traps Poaching is one of the key threats to the increase of mountain gorilla population in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo. The act is mostly by local people who set traps in the jungle targeting to catch and kill bush animals for meat and other products like the skins. In […]

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2018 gorilla naming ceremony

2018 Kwita Izina Ceremony in Rwanda- Gorilla Naming

2018 Gorilla Naming Ceremony in Rwanda – 18 Baby gorilla to be given names Just like newborn babies are named in human families, volcanoes national park celebrates the birth of new baby gorillas each year. It’s a yearly event in which baby gorillas are given names for easy identification of each baby mountain gorilla in […]

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