9 Rwandan Luxury Facilities Exhibit in France

Being one of the luxury travel destinations in the world, Rwanda is exhibiting her luxury tourism offers in a 4 Days luxury travel show in Cannes France. 9 Rwandan luxury facilities together with the Rwanda Development Board are participating in ILTM events which bring together the finest luxury travel professionals with the sole purpose of creating the #momentsthatmatter in the luxury travel industry. The major reason for RDB’s participation in this travel show is to encourage and attract more international luxury buyers from all parts of the world to come, visit, explore and enjoy the beauties of this small country. The event was attended by over 6000 people comprised of travel buyers, media personalities, travel operators, hotel managers and exhibitors from 134 countries all over the world. More so, Rwanda Delegates engaged in B2B meetings as one way of promoting Bush to beach travel experiences and diversify tourism products in the Land of thousand Hills.

The 9 Rwanda luxury companies that exhibited at ILTM include among others:

1. One and only Nyungwe House

Luxury room at Nyungwe House

Located in the heart of Nyungwe Forest National park, the One and Only Nyungwe house offer travelers with exceptional personal level experience. A stay at One and Only Nyungwe House offers you a fresh feeling of the natural environment, tea plantations and visitor animals who wander freely all over the place. One and Only Nyugwe house is a leading Luxury lodge in Nyungwe Forest and the whole of southwestern Rwanda.

2. Akagera Aviation
Specializing in charters, helicopter solutions, pilot training, emergency medical services, Aerial photography, Aerie Advertising, Meet and greet, aircraft maintenance, Helicopter sales, and Aerial surveys, Akagera Aviation was present to market their services.

3. Thousand Hills Africa
As a customized luxury travel agent in Rwanda, a thousand hills Africa could not miss the exhibition. These encouraged travelers to visit Rwanda and experience the beauty that nature has blessed this small country with.

4. Primate Safaris
These offer tailor-made gorilla, primates, birding and wildlife safaris in Rwanda and East Africa as a whole.
5. Uber Luxe Safaris
6. Wilderness Safaris
7. Charleston Tours and Travel
8. Volcanoes Safaris:
These own the luxurious Virunga Lodge, which offers first-class food and sleeping services for gorilla trekkers in Volcanoes National Park. Volcanoes Safaris aims at providing the very best lodge designs, styles, guest experience, foods, room services, and safari activities ensuring a safe, comfortable and enjoyable stay in Africa.

Rwanda Tourism Products Exhibited in France
Well, Rwanda Development Board is majorly selling Eco-Luxury Tourism. The top offers in this exhibition include
Kigali city is known to be the cleanest and organized city in Africa. Kigali city offers travelers with short Rwanda trips to visit the Kigali genocide memorial Centre, Kigali Convention center, Presidential palace, art galleries, and local markets among others:

Volcanoes National Park

Rwanda gorillas

Mountain gorillas in Volcanoes National park are a must-visit on every Rwanda safari. The small country is home to a quarter of the world’s surviving mountain gorillas (roughly 400), which call Rwanda their home. in May 2017, Rwanda transformed into a luxury gorilla tour destination following the double increase of her gorilla permits from $750 to $1500. This saw many budget travelers divert to doing Kigali to Bwindi gorilla trekking, which is quite affordable. The major reason for the increment of Rwanda gorilla permits was to promote gorilla conservation and improve the livelihoods of local people in local communities neighboring Volcanoes National park. In addition to gorillas, RDB is also marketing golden monkeys also in Volcanoes National park. Travelers are encouraged to come and visit golden monkeys for a lively memorable experience.

Nyungwe Forest
Home to the famous chimpanzees and numerous monkey and bird species, Nyungwe Forest National park is not a miss on your Rwanda Safari. A Rwanda chimpanzee tour to Nyungwe Forest offers you a close magical encounter with the endangered chimpanzees that share over 90% of human genes hence the closest relatives to people. The human-like characters of chimpanzees make them worth a visit. More so, do not miss out Nyungwe Canopy walk which gives you an aerial view of the forest, Virunga Volcanoes, and the neighboring local communities.

Akagera National park
Visit Akagera game park for the “big five game”. The game drives through the open plains of Akagera National Park offers you great wildlife views of animals like Elephants, Lions, Buffalos, Leopards, Rhinos, Hippos, Giraffes, Elands, Topis, Waterbucks, warthogs, Push pigs and zebras among others. Morning ad evening game drives are done to give clients a memorable experience.

Rwanda Development Board is also selling her rich and indigenous culture to the outside world. Here travelers are encouraged to visit Rwanda to experience and enjoy the traditions, beliefs, norms, and cultures of this small country that make it an exceptional destination.

The participation f Rwanda Development Board and tourism delegates in a 4 Days ILTM travel show were a big move. Rwanda expects an increased number of luxury tourist arrivals visiting to trek gorillas and stay in luxury Rwanda lodges for memorable African Safari experiences.

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